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Launched in 2023 in Ottawa, Canada, Phoenix Agent AI recognized a pivotal niche within the real estate sector: the deployment of AI-driven voice agents. With a robust background in real estate media, our founders have pioneered a venture that specializes in AI voice agents, aimed to serve as inbound virtual receptionists and outbound lead qualification specialists. These agents are meticulously engineered to augment client interaction and optimize the lead qualification process for realtors and brokerages.



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Phoenix Agent AI steadfastly adheres to its foundational principles of security, integrity, and exceptional value creation. Our organization places the security of client data at the forefront, ensuring every interaction through our AI voice agents is safe and dependable within all real estate dealings. With a commitment to integrity, we guarantee transparent and principled practices throughout our operational processes. Moreover, our unwavering commitment is to furnish our clients with superior value, enhancing both the productivity and effectiveness of real estate interactions.



At Phoenix Agent AI, we envision leading realtors and brokerages to the forefront of the AI revolution, not through chatbots, but with seamless integrations of sophisticated AI voice agents. We're passionate about closing the gap between conventional real estate methodologies and avant-garde AI technology. Our commitment lies in offering intuitive, efficient AI voice agent systems that revamp client communication and workflow efficiency. Our goal is to leverage AI's potential to elevate productivity and customer interaction to unprecedented heights for real estate experts.



Your brokerage's new AI receptionist or lead qualifier is ready to generate/capture new opportunities on auto-pilot. Leverage AI technology to grow your brokerage!

  • How do your AI Voice Agents work?
    Our AI Voice Agents use cutting-edge GPT technology and voice syntheizers to engage in either outbound or inbound calls. Allowing you to quickly qualify leads, schedule viewings and handle incoming calls more effectively.
  • How can Phoenix Agent AI improve my real estate business?
    By providing 24/7 client interaction, immediate response to inquiries, lead qualification, and scheduling assistance, Phoenix Agent AI can increase your lead conversion rates, improve client satisfaction, and save you valuable time that can be spent on closing deals rather than administrative tasks.
  • What locations do you cover?
    We currently only work within North America, but we're also looking to expand into Europe soon!
  • Is the AI voice agent available 24/7?
    Yes! It runs 24/7, 365 days a year and automatically responds to calls, questions and anything the caller might ask!
  • Does Phoenix Agent AI integrate into CRM?
    Yes, Phoenix Agent AI can integrate with 100+ apps and we work with you to setup and test the system prior to subscription!
  • Can my AI voice agent provide information on schools, amenities, and public transportation in the local area?
    Absolutely! Your AI voice agent can provide details on nearby schools, amenities, public transportation options, and other relevant neighborhood information the caller asks for.
  • What is your pricing?
    Our pricing is effective and affordable, click here to visit our pricing page!
  • How does the AI voice agent stay updated with the latest real estate trends and laws?
    The AI voice agent is regularly updated with the latest market trends and changes in real estate laws, ensuring you receive the most current and relevant information.
  • Can Phoenix Agent AI handle complex customer queries?
    Yes, Phoenix Agent AI is equipped with advanced natural language processing capabilities to understand and respond to complex queries. Over time, it learns from interactions to provide more accurate and helpful responses.
  • Will I need to train Phoenix Agent AI for my specific real estate needs?
    Phoenix Agent AI comes with an initial setup that includes basic training tailored to the real estate industry. However, it's designed to learn and adapt continuously from daily interactions to meet your specific business needs effectively.
  • Is my clients' data safe with Phoenix Agent AI?
    Absolutely. Data security is a top priority for Phoenix Agent AI. We adhere to strict privacy policies and use advanced encryption to ensure all client data is kept secure and confidential.
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